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From Image generation to video generation, ArieWorks has APIs for literally everything. It can even create this website copy for you.

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Offload the boring task of creating employee handbooks to us. We will generate a handbook in minutes based on your company's policies.

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Introduction to ArieWorks and it's values:

ArieWorks is a pioneering Generative HR Assistant designed to empower companies of all sizes through the integration of advanced Artificial Intelligence. Our mission is to augment the capabilities of HR departments, enhancing their efficiency and allowing businesses to make decisions that are both faster and more accurate. By leveraging AI, ArieWorks assists in a range of HR functions from recruitment to employee management, helping your company stay ahead in a rapidly evolving business landscape.

At ArieWorks, our culture and operations are driven by three core values:

  1. Time: We believe that time is invaluable. Arie Works is designed to maximize productivity, ensuring that every minute counts. By streamlining processes and reducing administrative burdens, we help our clients free up time to focus on strategic goals and innovation.
  2. Fun: We are committed to creating a joyful and engaging work environment. We understand that work can be enjoyable and we strive to infuse fun into the serious business of HR. ArieWorks aims to lighten the workload, enabling HR professionals to experience more pleasure in their daily tasks.
  3. Passion: Our team is passionate about making a difference in the workplace. We are dedicated to continuous improvement and excellence, constantly seeking out new ways to enhance the HR experience through technology. Our passion drives us to deliver exceptional service and innovative solutions to our clients.

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How can I fast-track an applicant in an hiring process?
Fast-tracking an applicant in the hiring process can be essential for securing top talent, especially in competitive job markets. Here are some key steps and considerations for efficiently advancing a candidate through the recruitment process:

Pre-Approval for Fast-Tracking:

Obtain pre-approval from necessary stakeholders (such as HR and department heads) to fast-track candidates for specific roles that are high priority or hard to fill.

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Explore legal cases

Get a summary of legal cases related to HR. We will provide you with a summary of the case, the outcome, and the implications for your company.

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Traditional HR platforms aren't built for everyone. They're expensive, and slow to give answers. Let Arie work for you and recieve responses in real-time using your data.

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Reduce the strain on your HR Department

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